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Today, at a briefing in Nur Sultan city, the Anti-Terrorism Center highlighted the main trends and measures taken in 2019 to counter terrorism.

Potential terrorism threats for Kazakhstan persist.

In the country, 31 foreigners, who were wanted were detained and extradited to other states for involvement in terrorist activities in accordance with the established procedure.

About 40 Kazakhstani militants, 65 of their wives and other family members continue to be in the ranks of terrorist organizations abroad.

At the early stage of preparation, 3 attempts to commit terrorist acts were suppressed. Acts of terrorism were prepared by radical persons in Almaty and Karaganda region. Persons involved in the preparation of acts of terrorism are sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 6 to 18 years.

The criminal activity of 7 radical groups and 34 individuals in various regions of the country has been neutralized.

Totally, 140 people have been convicted of crimes related to terrorism and religious extremism.

A large-scale explanatory and rehabilitation work has been launched in the society. 907 persons were de-radicalized.

Measures of criminal procedural restraint against illegal activities apply only to persons who cannot be persuaded.

In places of deprivation of liberty, 162 convicts are de-radicalized.

Over 14.5 thousand links to web resources with terrorist content have been identified on the Internet. Work is underway to remove them.

To ensure timely and adequate response to acts of terrorism over 400 anti-terrorism training events are annually held by the operational anti-terrorism headquarters.

In the city of Taraz, the Republican operational and tactical exercise training "Temir Zhol-Antiterror-2019" was organized. In the Karaganda region, an international joint anti-terrorist exercise training of the Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization "Sary-Arka-Antiterror-2019" was held.

As a result of the “Mercenary” operational and preventive measure held under the auspices of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, 12 persons were detained on the entry/exit channels from Kazakhstan who were internationally wanted for involvement in terrorism.

The State Program on Combating Religious Extremism and Terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018-2022 is being successfully implemented.


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